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Oh all the instruments agree, you're invited to a VARIETY SHOW !

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
8pm sharp till 9:15

at The Stone
Corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street
New York City

Admission: 5 bucks

Commissioned by Public Opinion Laboratory.
Organized by Jason Fulford.

The line-up:

Hioctaine, music video, 2000
i'm not a machine, i have emotions and they’re rough and rarely get
lotion so i'm not hoping for much in the way of relations without
lubrication, you can change your tune cause that's not my station.
- The B-Dazzler

A Trinity of Original Miniatures for Pianoforte
First, the skeleton of a septet written in April, second is an apocryphal essay in time dilation, and lastly,
The Fulford Wedding Waltz
, which has not been seen in public since that auspicious ceremony.

Famous First Words
Fifteen adapted books and their opening sentences as read by Emily Oberman.

Career day with Ranger Able
New York City Park Ranger Able Brown will talk about Black-Throated Blue Warblers, driving on the
Jackie Robinson parkway in the rain without windshield wipers, former war heroes that now reside in
the parks, the one time a Thresher Shark washed up on the beach while he was eating his lunch, and
why you will never be a Park Ranger.

Closed Circuit, video, 2007 with original score by Taylor Haskins
Inspired by the opening sequences from the pilot of the TV show Columbo, in which a musical score
guides you through a crime being committed, Closed Circuit surveils a similarly lush environment, but
steers without a plot. The simple form reveals its complexity through repetition.

The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained
An overhead-projector lecture covering 4 dimensions in 5 minutes from points to lines to planes to cubes
to tesseracts with shadows, mirrors, tennis courts, Rubik's Cubes and a little Naive Set Theory en route.

Mermaids and Underwear, with recorded sounds by Rufus Thibodeaux and Aaron Ximm
A good contact sheet, for me, is more than just a document of an inspired day. It’s also like a sketchbook,
where ideas are worked out. Sometimes, if it’s really good, it functions like a short story or a song.

Taoist Alchemical Lazzzer Light Show [Beta Version]
Truncated haiku version of a ceremony/investigation into the harmonious interferences between: light and
water, sin and cosine, bells and power-tools, yearning and returning, etcetera. [Alpha Version] was
completed last summer in several locations across the Western United States with the support of an
Archaeopteryx. Results with regard to the mapping of constellations between the wave-particle duality,
broken hearts, plants, and angular momentum are promising, but frequently collapse upon themselves
before evidence can be secured free of data distortion.

Obstacle course and attacks
Trevor will explain two traumatic events.

Le Gibet from Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit, piano, 1908
text by Aloysius Bertrand, read by Ben Shykind
The sun is setting on a small French town. All the villagers have gone home, and the bugs are coming
out for their evening activities. As the church bell tolls a relentless B-flat, a warm breeze crosses the
empty courtyard, past a quiet man, swinging from the gallows.

Hello there friend (Portland), video, 2002
Collaboration with Jess Hilliard
Part of a series of similar videos shot in different places with local people. Walking around the neighborhood,
the person I work with picks up objects off the ground and then presents them to me in their opening hand.