"Audio Guide"
2008 Whitney Biennial

Produced by Jason Fulford with Dexter Sinister for the 2008 Whitney Biennial, this parallel audio guide may be downloaded and played to accompany a visit to the exhibition. Audio guide tracks will be released over the run of the show. Released as part of True Mirror, Dexter Sinister's project for the Biennial. Dexter Sinister occupied the Commander's Room at the 7th Regiment Armory every day from March 4 to 23, releasing a series of parallel texts through multiple channels of distribution which reflect on the Biennial.

01 The Elevator (3:35)
02 The Bells (5:00)
03 Two Byrds (5:14)
04 Corpses and Pinwheels (2:16)
05 The Bermuda Triangle (2:08)
06 The Teacher (4:19)
07 The Thief (4:05)
08 Boxers and Bimbos (3:05)

09 Roses in the Apron (3:18)

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